ATI Group | Annual Summary and Commendation Conference in the First Half of 2021



In July 2021, the first half of 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting of Wuxi ATI Group Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. At the meeting, the outstanding individuals and teams in the first half of the year were commended, and the work direction and plan for the second half of the year were deployed!

Remain true to our original aspiration
In July 2021, the first half of 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting of Wuxi ATI Group Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. At the meeting, the outstanding individuals and teams in the first half of the year were commended, and the work direction and plan for the second half of the year were deployed!
Dr. Cao delivered a speech at the conference
Distinguished guests and colleagues
Good morning, everyone!
Today, we are holding the 2021 Mid Year Commendation Conference of Wuxi ATI Group Technology Co., Ltd. in this magnificent banquet hall. On behalf of the company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the employees for their coming. Thank you for your strong support and hard work for ATI Group.
The year 2020 is a year for the company to go against the trend, an extraordinary year, and also a year for ATI Group to actively meet challenges; The world is deeply affected by the COVID-19. In the face of crisis and difficulties, we ATI Group people are positive, optimistic, conscientious and responsible, and firmly overcome the difficulties in 2020 with a sense of pride. With the efforts of the leadership of the company's management and all the employees, actively take measures to increase income and reduce expenditure, strengthen training, improve skills, seize opportunities, and innovate and develop. The company withstood the test and achieved a healthy, steady and sustainable development. In 2020, the company achieved a revenue of 200 million yuan, achieving the goal set at the beginning of the year. All these achievements are full of the hard work and sweat of all employees of the company. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you again.
The vicissitudes of life show the true character of heroes, which is the beginning of ATI Group's ten years of hard work. After more than ten years of hard work by all employees, ATI Group has now become a national high-tech enterprise with a team of nearly 400 people, more than 40000 square meters of plant, three core products including coating machine, RTO and membrane materials. Its business scope covers both domestic and international markets. The scale and nature of the enterprise have changed. Today's honor is inseparable from the joint efforts of every employee of our enterprise.
Height determines vision, angle changes concept, and scale holds positioning. Throughout the development of ATI Group, there are usually two rulers to measure the length of ATI Group. The first one is "vertical ruler". With this ruler, ATI Group has been established for more than ten years. Especially in recent years, we are proud of our steady development in the face of the global crisis. The second is "horizontal ruler", that is, horizontal comparison. With this ruler, we can see the progress and achievements of enterprises that have developed at the same time. We will see the shortcomings of ATI Group in the comparison, so that we can more calmly examine the long and short of our development. The third ruler is the overall deployment of our development plan of ATI Group. We should make a ruler for ATI Group that conforms to ATI Group's own development strategy. With this ruler, we can put ATI Group in the overall situation of market economy and national economic development. We will have an unprecedented sense of mission and urgency. The development strategy and development outline formulated by ATI Group will be scientific and practical, Moreover, the company has high requirements, especially in optimizing its core business, refining its core values and culture, enhancing the group's core competitiveness, strengthening brand building, introducing international and domestic strength capital, and promoting the company's listing. To speed up the capitalization process of ATI Group as the core content of its development strategy, we must complete it, so that our team can truly share the brilliant achievements of ATI Group's development.
I hope that ATI Group can really become everyone's home, unite everyone, and make the enterprise become everyone's value refuge and spiritual home. Only when there is a country can we have everyone, and only when there is everyone can we have our small home. Small families, people, and countries are connected. Products, enterprises, and brands are always in mind, and truly achieve sustainable operation and enterprise longevity.
Looking forward to the new year, we are still full of pride. First of all, we should seriously deal with the current repeated COVID-19. "When the financial and economic crisis comes, the confidence of entrepreneurs is particularly important, the confidence of the people is particularly important, and the confidence of national leaders is also particularly important.". China has huge market potential, rich human resources and the ability of independent innovation. It doesn't matter whether winter will come or not. The important thing is whether we have "prepared for a rainy day". It is the most important thing to prepare for winter. There are challenges and more opportunities in the crisis. The crisis is not terrible. Under the adverse impact of the current global environment, we at ATI Group must face this challenge directly, ask for benefits from cost control, and ask for the market from quality assurance - to obtain new impetus for development through production cost control, reduce operating costs through management system innovation, and win new market space through product innovation. "Cost control and quality assurance are the fulcrums to overcome this storm".
Spring has become clear. We should see the opportunities and strategic turning opportunities hidden in the fog of risks, seize them and make use of them. Crises and opportunities are the same. We are still confident about the future development of the industry. The current economic turmoil is a major reshuffle for enterprises in all industries. Enterprises that can adapt to this changing environment and cope with it calmly can withstand the pressure, test, and wind and rain. They will probably achieve great strides in development and become stronger after the baptism of wind and rain!
In this year, ATI Group will continue to adhere to the goal of market orientation, create product advantages with guaranteed quality and competitive cost, and provide customers with valuable and profitable markets. In terms of products, we will be committed to improving its quality and cost competitive advantages, so that consumers can more feel our company's product philosophy, and the perfect combination of quality and price elements. In terms of service, we will continue to improve our internal management system and provide the best service in all aspects! " We also need to improve both internally and externally, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, strengthen internal harmony, constantly enrich the company's internal affairs, standardize management, and further consolidate the foundation. In 2021, we will work together in the following areas:
1. Reduce costs and improve work efficiency.
2. Select the appropriate strategic path and type to adjust the market structure.
3. Innovative thinking. Accelerate the R&D and promotion of new products and stabilize customer resources.
4. Tamp the foundation. Improve the management level of enterprises and enhance their comprehensive competitiveness.
5. Strengthen the construction of production management team. Excellent production management team is the basis of the core competitiveness of products.
At this time, the roc spread its wings, soaring up to 90000 miles, because the deep Tianchi Lake and thousands of strong winds supported its huge wings. The ambitious people of ATI Group will use their wisdom and diligence to support the development of ATI Group with their broad mind of "making up their minds for ATI Group, making their lives for those who follow, gathering talents for prosperity, and opening a new path to the heights". ATI Group is willing to play a game of wisdom, compete and cooperate with all future pursuers and practitioners. I believe that in the near future, all the people who have worked together with ATI Group will look back on every day we worked together with pride and say proudly that we have created a new voyage of ATI Group from ordinary to outstanding.
In the second half of 2021, we will continue to reform the old and reform the new, and make a steady transition. With the joint efforts of all employees, we will meet new opportunities and greater challenges under the shadow of the spread of the global economic shadow, and forge a new Xintiandi with heroic spirit. I hope you will continue to work hard, expand innovation, keep pace with the times, and write a new chapter with a new attitude and new pace!
Finally, I wish all my colleagues and partners of ATI Group good health, happy work and extensive financial resources.
Thank you!
The development of the company can not be separated from the efforts of employees, and the most important is the excellent talents. In the working year, the company has emerged a group of brave men who are not afraid of challenges and are hardworking. They are brave to take on the responsibility, forge ahead, stick to their posts, and prove their strength to us with excellent performance and daily efforts!
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