What problems can be solved by the base material deviation prevention device of coater oven



目前推广应用的涂布机胶印装置,解决了现有涂布机进行校正时,烘箱内基板横向张力发生变化,基板更容易被吹掉的问题,涂布机烤箱基板防胶印装置,包括用于调节基板横向位置的校正辊,其中校正辊设有支架,支架上设有横向调节辊,调节辊可独立至少一端沿支架上下移动,涂布机烘箱基板抗偏移装置,可横向调节基板张力以避免抖动。 由于防水拉链涂层专用涂布机,在涂布头平台正面有进给轮,涂布头平台上端设有涂布机构,正面有热风罩

The currently popularized coating machine offset printing device solves the problem that the transverse tension of the substrate in the oven changes when the existing coating machine is calibrated, and the substrate is easier to be blown off. The coating machine oven substrate anti offset printing device includes a correction roller used to adjust the transverse position of the substrate, wherein the correction roller is provided with a bracket, and the bracket is provided with a transverse adjustment roller, which can independently move at least one end up and down along the bracket, The baseplate anti offset device of coater oven can adjust the baseplate tension laterally to avoid shaking.
Due to the special coating machine for waterproof zipper coating, there is a feed wheel at the front of the coating head platform, a coating mechanism at the upper end of the coating head platform, a hot air hood at the front, a guide roller at the inner side of the coating mechanism, at least four groups of hot air fans at the top plate of the hot air box, an exhaust emission channel at the middle part of the top plate of the hot air box, and the end of the winding material outside the discharge wheel passes through the feed wheel and the coating mechanism, It is wound on the outer periphery and the surface of the guide roller in the hot air box.
A coating machine that automatically adjusts the surface density of the coating, including a densitometer for measuring the surface density, one end of the densitometer is electrically connected to the control cabinet of the coating machine, the end of the densitometer, the screw pump motor servo control valve block and the adjusting screw are electrically connected, the coating machine control cabinet is respectively connected to the screw pump motor servo control valve, and the servo control valve block is arranged above the coating nozzle, The adjusting screw is used to adjust the distance between the coating nozzle and the rear roll.
Now, through the connection between components, a new closed loop control system has been formed, and automatic monitoring is used to adjust the surface density of the substrate spray, thus solving the problems of manual monitoring and manual monitoring and calculation. In the existing technology, the adjustment of the surface density is low in accuracy and adjustment. Now there are new wheels with a heat dissipation structure, including the wheel core of the wheel body, multiple baffle fins, and the outer wall of the wheel core, It also has a good heat dissipation effect by blocking the fins connected to the inner wall of the wheel body.